About me - James Jones

Thanks for visiting my site I hope you enjoy the content. All of my images are available to purchase, just click on the image you like and follow the steps on what you would like printed wether you want a canvas or a phone cover its all covered.

A little about myself - I took up photography about 4-5 years ago, it all started as a hobby and a keen interest, it also helped me overcome PTSD. On leaving school I started a apprenticeship as a wood machinist, after this I joined the British Army as a tank crewman and spent five years seeing a few different parts of the world. Once I left the Army I went back to Joinery but started to feel a little low after a few years and started taking time off work, I was in and out of different jobs for a few years and I hit a all time low, it was around this time I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I found this time to concentrate on getting myself better, during this time I found relaxation in photography and Ive never looked back. I just hope I continue this journey for years to come. James